To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to our client Norma Mirsky of Mirsky Realty Group.  Norma has been a client of our bank for many years and during that time has earned recognition and respect from Palm Beach National Bank.  Norma is well respected by the community for her hard work and enthusiasm and has always employed a group of people to support her in maintaining quality service.

Palm Beach National Bank asked Norma to sit on the Board of our North Palm Beach Advisory Board as recognition for her devotion and dedication to the bank.  We are honored to have Norma as part of our banking team.


Pam B., Vice President

Palm Beach National Bank & Trust Company

Dear Linda,

Of all the agents who approached me to sell my house, I’m so glad I decided on Mirsky Realty and chose you.  By far, you showed more interest and energy than anyone else.  You initiated and followed through.  In today’s competitive world I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find people who actually follow through on their initiatives.  But you did.  Between you and Norma Mirsky, I knew I had a winning team on my side.

…And I was right!  In three months, you sold my house and got me very close to my asking price.  Your weekly open houses, print advertising and plain hard work paid off.  I can’t thank you enough.  Furthermore, I enjoyed working with you.  You always exhibited patience and good humor, which I did appreciate.  I understand how trying business can be when dealing with so many different personalities.

Though I initially thought I could easily sell my house myself, especially in such an active market as El Cid, I realize your access to a wide variety of resources and tools has made the difference.

Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Norma Mirsky and Dorothy.  I applaud your team spirit and respect for one another.  You and Mirsky Realty certainly deserve all the success you enjoy.

Sincerely yours,

Lydia D.

Lydia D.

Dear Sally,

As I sit on the plane flying home I can’t help but think what a spring we both had!

Yours has been a time of healing, which forces one to slow down and mine has been a time of frantic chaos due to moving.

You are truly a genius the way you marketed and sold my house so quickly.  Ten days must be a record considering nothing on the Island is moving.

I also can’t thank you enough for all you showed me before your accident.  You were very efficient and during it all I had such fun getting to really know you.

When things calm down I will call you to sort out a future apartment for me.

Stay in touch, and again thanks for everything.




Dear Robert,

After our successful closing last Friday, one remaining item is an expression of my gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for the solid help and guidance you provided in the process of selling my home.  Since our first meeting when you educated me with regard to the real estate market landscape here in Lake Worth, I’ve felt I could depend on you for advice.

I appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail, your professionalism, businesslike efficiency and knowledge of the local market.  Most of all I appreciate your availability to answer questions and timely return of my calls.  It’s been good working with you.

Thanks for all you did to help craft a fair and equitable deal for both the buyers and me.

I’m truly your satisfied client,

Gary A.




Gary A.

Dear Ms. Mirsky,

I am writing in regard to the outstanding services rendered to my family by Linda at Mirsky Realty.

We first became acquainted with Linda several years ago when she agreed to act as the leasing agent for our condominium at LaBonne Vie, 3375 South Ocean Blvd.  My parents, Raymond and Ellie H. had owned the property since 1983.  At the point when they were no longer able to maintain the apartment and we decided to lease it, Linda was able to find suitable tenants.  Understandably there was an emotional element to the process; Linda was sensitive to this and immensely helpful in helping us to make the transition.

Last year when we decided to sell the unit, Linda again stepped in with the degree of expertise and wisdom that makes her so skilled as an agent.  In numerous instances, she did far more for us than what was required, giving us highly personal “customer” service.

We are greatly indebted to Mirsky Realty and Linda.  Please make sure that other prospective clients see this solid recommendation!


Allyson H.

Allyson H.

Hi Linda,

I absolutely LOVE my new house.  It’s bigger, quieter and has a lot more closet space.  Plus, the kitchen is laid out much better than my previous home.  As much as I love 232 Belmonte,  I find it odd how easy it is to just move on.

I do hope you can come by and visit some time.  Atlantis is a beautiful community (I would say similar to PGA National) and I can show off to you my new home.

Hope all is well with you.

Best regards,

Lydia D.

Lydia D.

Attn: Norma Mirsky

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your help in both selling my home in Ibis Country Club, and buying a coach home in Ballen Isles Country Club.

The time you spent with us was a real education, and we will certainly refer everyone we know that is looking for property to you.

Thank you for all your help.  We truly appreciated all you did, and your information as to the best location to scale down was invaluable!


Gloria L.

Gloria L.

Dear Cathy,

You are so sweet and thoughtful.  Thank you for the place mats and tote bag that you made for me.  I have immediately put them to use and received lots of compliments.

Also we went to note your endless energy and expertise which made selling our condo go so smoothly.  You have a special gift and thank you for sharing it with us.

We are home in Mass. and settling in after a long ride home.

Thanks again for everything – you’re the best.


Beverly & Mel S.

Beverly & Mel S.

Thank you so much for the gift card to Home Goods.  It will certainly be put to good use.  It was nice to see you again when we came back down – we will have to do lunch.  Enjoy your vacation!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

Peggy & Charlie

Peggy & Charlie

Dear Frank,

Dave and I just wanted to thank you again for your help in finding us a new home.  With your extensive knowledge, intense work ethic and extreme patience, we could not have dreamed of finding a more capable person for the task.  We feel blessed to have had your guidance and friendship in making such an important decision.

We are looking forward to having you and Susan over for dinner when we finally move in.  Who knows, I may even try cooking for you guys?!



Suzanne G.

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