Ty Cornelious

Ty Cornelious


Introducing Ty Cornelious, a passionate real estate agent who made South Florida his home in 2021. With a decade-long outstanding career in the auto industry, where he excelled as an award-winning salesperson and ultimately rose to the position of finance manager, Ty brings a wealth of sales and financial expertise to the real estate market. His ability to understand the financial aspects of transactions sets him apart, providing clients with a comprehensive perspective on their real estate investments. What Ty appreciates most about the real estate industry is the everyday challenge it presents, allowing him to leverage his sales and financial acumen to guide his clients through the intricacies of property transactions. His dedication to delivering exceptional service is driven by a genuine desire to help individuals and families find their perfect homes in the picturesque landscapes of South Florida. In addition to his professional achievements, Ty's personal life is equally fulfilling. When he's not immersed in the world of real estate, Ty enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children, cherishing family moments that inspire his commitment to helping others find their own ideal living spaces. His love for the area extends to his hobbies, which include beach outings, workouts, and an insatiable curiosity for learning about a wide range of subjects. Ty Cornelious is more than a real estate agent; he is a dedicated professional who brings a blend of expertise, warmth, and a genuine passion for helping others achieve their real estate goals. His unwavering commitment to the South Florida community is evident in his approach to providing top-notch service and guidance, making him a trusted partner in the journey to finding the perfect home.

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